Internet of Things

Start your business
with Kidigi IoT Solution.

Putting your hardware online, your business opportunities will be endless. KiDiGi to provide an IoT solution based on Mobi Charge Apps, allowing you to walk on a new starting point in the market.

Bring up your idea.
We bring up a solution.

Let us know your thought. W will turn out into a real solution— the combination of Software and the Internet of things to open up new business opportunities.

Get the results that matter to you

Everyone can start up

You can start at your own.

Low Invest, Risk free

Customisation with your business plan reduce risks and increase revenue.

Factory Direct

Factory direct, reduce cost and time

Generate revenue

Support payment, rental, vending service with different marketing tools to generate income.

Increase Store Visits

IoT helps increase service experience, increase visits and increase spending.

Drive Website Traffic

Grow online sales and service with IoT Apps that direct people to your website.

Improve Service

Combining internet-connected services. Customers can respond and solve self-help. Improve service efficiency.

Improve Efficiency

Customer demand can be settle with IoT. Increase the efficiency of service and manpower.

Know your customers

Bigdata and Statics generated for service enhancements.

Partner with KiDiGi for find the best solution

With KiDiGi loT solution you can reach more target customer.
Our loT technology will help your to generate revenue.