MoQi D-I-Y Qi Wireless Charging Kit

Supremacy Material
Elegant and stylish design, superb manufacturing
technique. Makes your life easier.
Anti- slip silconePower Input jackWireless CoilHigh- Quality
ABS plastic
Hotel RoomsBarsPubs
Suitable For All Applications
Cafes Lounges
Concealed Design
Integrated With The Desktop.
The desktop is embedded and hidden. It does not take
up space and integrate with the desktop after installation.
Easy Installation
① Drill a 60-70mm hole on the desktop
② Install the product into the digging hole
③ Screw the bottom mounting plate to the bottom of the table.
④ Connect to the power supply to finished.
Input Jack
Mounting plate
Charge Two Mobile
Phones Simultaneously
Available with Wireless Charge, Apple 8-pin, USB Type-C and Micro USB.
Efficient and fast charging, always keep your device alive.
Optimized For Better Performance.
Sensor Distance<6MM
Super-sensitive, no matter using a protective case, will not
affect the superfast charging experience.
Foreign Object Detection
FOD protect for foreign objects, such as keys or coins, on the wireless charger
that could affect charging. Foreign object detection(FOD) helps to prevent the
charger emitting unnecessary power and heat that could damage your
smartphone and other heat-sensitive items.
Reliability Engineering
Foreign Object DetectionFOD metal detection to avoid wastage.
Temperature Protection Thermal protection sensor
provides safer operation.
Short Circuit Protection Prevent overcurrent.
Suspend power supply.
Over Voltage Protection Prevent voltage
exceeds a preset level.
Protect electronic components.
Magnetic Field Protection Prevention of magnetic
field interference.
Over Discharge Protection Prevent excessive
discharge of battery
Overcharge Protection Prevent the battery
from charging for a long time
3-in-1 Charging Port
Retractable Design (Charging cable pull up up to 400mm)
3 in 1 charging port with Micro USB and Type-C and
Apple 8-pin. Which cover 99% of mobile device
on the market.
Micro USBType-CApple 8-pin
3-in-1 Charging cable
Maximum Stretch length:400mm
Cable Box
The Entire Unit Can
be Custom Branded
to Display Your
Companyʼs or
Sponsorʼs Marketing.
Custom branding
or marketing.

Product Information

1 x 5V / 1A  Qi Wireless Charger  
1 x 5V / 1A  3 in 1 Charging cable
303 x 227 x 25mm
Output type


152 x 135 x 92 mm
1 x DIY Qi Wireless Charging Kit
1 x Power transformer
1 x Instructions

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