KiDiGi, specialization  in charging solution.  We  design and manufacture the product 
which  supports the most important element  for modern  people:“Power for mobile 

KiDiGi  was  found  by  Lewis Au-Yeung  &  Lewis  Lau.  In 2004, KiDiGi  had  started the 
business on mobile phone accessories. In 2005/2006, KiDiGi had been appointed and 
authorized by Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Motorola as their mobile accessories 
designer and manufacturer.

In 2009, KiDiGi had succeeded apply the MFi authorized factory for Apple. KiDiGi has 
mostly  designed and developed about  200 items for the  global  customer  under MFi 

In 2010s  KiDiGi  has brought  his charging solution technology to commercial market. 
KiDiGi  has  produced  different  kind  of  products & solutions  for  commercial  use as 
charging  locker,  power station, charging hub…etc.  These  products have been used 
for many industries like Hospitality, Marketing and Utility…etc. with earning very good 

KiDiGi  will  keep  on its  best  effort  to  develop in  charging  device  & solution, which 
provide the best convenience globally.

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