Power Wall Workstation
Perfect for:
  • Universities
  • Bars
  • Lounges
  • Public Areas

Charging up to 8 mobile
devices simultaneously for
heavy duty usage.

*Newly added USB Type Cable to
support more phones.

Charging Pad x 2

for phones with wireless
charging function.

AC Power Outlet
for charging notebook computer
workstations use
minimal space for
maximum utility.
Ideal for short term mobile
multi-taskers or a connection
space for focused tasks.
Work Desk
A workstation providing
power for and recharging of
mobiles and notebook
Getting ready on the go!
for Public Areas
like Airport,MTR Station.
for Cafes & Bars
Model No.:CK-04R Size of product: 696 x 387 x 373 mm Size of product(with stand): 696 x 387 x 1250 mm
Power Output: Apple MFi Lightning Cable: 5V/2.1A X 4 Y Cable: (Micro USB + USB Type C Connector) 5V/2.1 X 4 Qi Wireless Charging x 2
URBAN Power Wall Workstation