AOREAD Secured Charging Locker


Secured Charging Locker

- Customizable advertisement
- 6 pin code locker boxes simple to use.
- Powerful charges up to 12 phones at the same time.
- Tough built with high quality material
  protect your device form stolen.
- Desktop or wall mounted.

Perfect For:
· Hotel Lobbies
· Waiting Areas
· Exhibitions
· Events
6 Pin Code
Locker Boxes
Simple to use.
Charges up to 12 phones
at the same time.
Tough Built with high
quality material
protect your device form Stolen.
Desktop or Wall
Floor Stand(Optional)
The floor stand provides an alternative
method of supporting the OREAD if wall
mounting is not an option. It makes the
OREAD free standing, allowing you to use
the OREAD anywhere.
Optional Cable
Default Cable
Apple 30pin Cable
Female USB Cable
Nokia Cable
Micro USB Cable
Mini USB Cable
Apple 8pin Lightning Cable
USB Type - C Cable


Size of The product:
485 x 605 x 200mm
Size of Advertisement:
373 x 130mm
Power Output:
12 ports with 5V/ 1.0A

Battery Compatibility

It has been identified that some of the battery design in a flatter Positive Terminal which might cause loose contact thus malfunction. We recommend the use of Energizer branded battery.