HOOVER Portable Charger
  • > USB 2.0 charging port
  • > High quality retractable cables
  • > Customizable duable water
       roof advertisement
  • > he power bank is capable to
       recharge 4.5 x iPhone 6s
  • > Optional table tent
Perfect for:
  • > Bars
  • > Cafes
  • > Restaurants
USB 2.0
Charging Port

(for use with customers’ own cable)
Duable Waterproof
High Quality
Retractable Cables
2 x Retractable charging cables
(Apple MFi Lightning & Micro USB)
support 98% of devices in the market.
4.5  times
The Power Bank is capable to recharge
4.5 x iPhone 6s
Security Lock
Protect your Hoover from theft
Optional Table Tent
Cartage design retractable
cable for easy changing
when broken or technology
Optional Cable
Default Cable
Apple 30pin Cable
Female USB Cable
Nokia Cable
Micro USB Cable
Mini USB Cable
Apple 8pin Lightning Cable
USB Type - C Cable


Size of product:
122 x 122 x 44mm
Cable Length:
Size of Advertisement:
82 x 82mm
Power Output:
5V/ 1.0A x 3