Charging Locker
Perfect for: Private Clubs, Bars, Lounges
Trade Shows, Public Areas
1 Select an available box and
press the corresponding
2 Insert 1 coin for 30mins
charging (per locker box)
3 Plug in your phone for recharging.
The box’s light will turn red when
Charging in progress.
6 Locker Boxes (SCL-02AR)6 Locker Boxes Charging Up to
18 Mobile Devices Simultaneously.
8 Locker Boxes(SCL-03AR)8 Locker Boxes Charging Up to
24 Mobile Devices Simultaneously
3 Cables in each
Locker BoxApple MFi Licensed
Lightning Cable,
USB Type C Cable
& Micro USB Cable
Generate RevenuePayback investment and
to subsidise maintenance costs.
Model No.:SCL-02AR Size of product:485 x 605 x 200mm No. of Locker Box:6
Power Output of
Each Locker Box:
5V/ 1.8A (Max) Each Locker Box
Contain 3 Charging Cables: